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Where to Place Your Home CCTV Cameras

A well-monitored house is considered as a secured house against thieves, and burglary attacks. According to the national burglar and fire alarm Association, thieves and burglars attack houses without surveillance cameras or proper security system more than the houses which have such systems installed on premises. A well-placed CCTV camera can better detect trespassers and improves the chances of catching burglars. Hence, it is very important that your surveillance/CCTV camera is installed in some proper place.


Obviously, you can also avoid placing your CCTV cameras if you opt for a home security system that includes needs to do things yourself, below are some tips that may help you in your home security goals in general.


Many people think that when they are installing a security system, they want to hide the camera somewhere, sneak it in some sort of an angle, so the criminals do not realise that they are being recorded. Well, that works great for convenience store robberies, but for home security, you want to put that camera right up in front of them. Make it as obvious as possible so it could stop them from whatever they are doing and coming back to your house after spotting the CCTV camera.


It might be helpful to think of security cameras the way you think about your door and window sensors. In general, you could get away with using fewer cameras than you might think if you can position them smartly with a broad range of visibility like door and window sensors. It is a good idea to think of the ways that people will be accessing your house. You should probably pay most attention to any main entry points just so that you can see who comes and goes. If you have a broader range of visibility through, it could be handy to cover more than one entry points at a time with a single camera. For instance, if you have a large window in the front of your house near your front door, it could be convenient to have the camera cover both of those areas. This way, you could identify an intruder who broke in through either entry point in your home. A bonus to this approach is that it could save you money as opposed to buying a camera for each sensitive area of your home.


People will also want to consider anything valuable that they may want to protect in their home. For instance, if you have an expensive motorcycle in your garage, then a criminal could break into your garage and steal it without even showing up on either of your entry point cameras. It could be a good idea to invest in a camera specifically for this area of your home. Since it could potentially help you identify a thief and hopefully regain your stolen property, the same approach could work for a safe in your home, which could potentially identify the thieve as well as the property that has been stolen from you.


There are many retail and online brands in Singapore, who offer CCTV camera installation services and have CCTV systems for sale in Singapore.  So, if you are not sure that you could do it yourself, you should consider calling one of these service providers once you a buy a CCTV camera and survey the different prices for CCTV camera systems in Singapore.




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