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What Type of CCTV Camera Is the Best For My Office

What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?

CCTV cameras have become an inseparable component of modern offices. No matter the office size or how many employees it has, business owners don’t think twice before installing CCTV systems in their offices. Besides, cctv camera prices in Singapore has dropped noticeably within the last decade with the growing use of the product.

Let’s discuss what type of CCTV cameras you should choose for your office.


Location matters:


Where do you want to install the CCTV camera? Is it to keep the indoors or outdoors under surveillance? It’s highly important to know where you are placing the CCTV camera and buy one that will cater to your needs.  If you are choosing for the outdoors, you would want to make sure that it is durable and works in extreme weathers such as cold and rainy seasons. Bullet type CCTV cameras are a good choice as they are long lasting and many companies offer them at affordable prices in Singapore.



Does it pan and zoom?


If you are installing the camera for the parking lot of your office, you would want to install cameras that can zoom and pan. If there’s any unwanted situation, you can use the record to find the number of a particular car. The camera automatically zooms when a car is within focus, and can be remotely connected to an installed app on your smartphone.



The clarity of the images:


If you are installing the CCTV camera inside the office, such as the reception area or the cubicles, to focus only on certain areas, low resolution cameras will serve this purpose. However, if you are choosing the CCTV camera for outdoor use, you must make sure that the camera provides high resolution images.



The coverage area:


Make sure to know the focal point of the camera so that you can gauge the camera’s area coverage. If you are choosing an indoor CCTV camera, you don’t need a wide angled camera. Dome shaped cameras would be your best bet. But if the camera is for your office lobby, you can consider a wide-ranged camera.



Motion sensor:


Cameras with motion sensors are very helpful for the entrance of your office. If someone is approaching the office, the camera will immediately inform you. While these are relatively new systems, some of the companies offer a fair price for motion sensor CCTV cameras.

If CCTV camera installation is important for you, it’s equally necessary to understand what type of camera your office demands. Installing camera based on the needs of the area will deliver best results, and your office will stay protected in a better way. You can choose the best CCTV camera systems in Singapore from numerous service providers at reasonable prices.


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What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?