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What to Do Before Installing a CCTV Outside Your Home?

If you are wondering whether you can install a CCTV camera outside your flat to keep a close eye on your annoying old neighbour who always puts their trash on the outside of your flat, then stop! You can’t just go about installing a camera without seeking permission from the authorities. Yes! You read that right. You cannot install a CCTV camera on the common property, even if that property is just the outside of your home. If you break the laws, offenders would have to face a penalty of about $1000.


You might have noticed a lot of CCTV cameras mounted on the walls outside the homes that monitor the roads and properties in Singapore. Most individuals opt for CCTV camera outside their home, as it discourages the criminals to engage in wrongdoing. However, some people install a camera outside their homes with a clear intention in their mind, i.e. to keep the criminals away. But, what they don’t know is that you need a special permit for installing a CCTV camera to be legal. If, however, you ignore the laws and install a camera without a permit, you are violating the law, and this can cause you a lot of trouble.


Although you can install a camera inside your HDB home, installing it outside your home, you need permission. You need to provide some solid foundation for installing a CCTV camera outside your home. Let’s say you live in an area where there have been thefts in the neighbouring houses or let’s say you have a cheeky neighbour and he smells trouble, or something similar to that. If you provide this foundation, then you will surely be granted a permit to install a CCTV camera for home in Singapore.  You can even get permission for your business CCTV camera outside your office with the same solid foundation. All you need to do is, visit the authority, share your problems, and seek permission.


The rules keep changing, so it is always better to stay updated with the laws in Singapore. Before installing a camera, it is always advised to talk to your town council before setting up any surveillance equipment. However, even if you seek permission, you still need to remove the cameras after 6-months. Some people suggest that you need to make an official police report before commencing with the CCTV cameras. Once, the report has been made, you can move forward towards the town council for permission. The cameras must only capture the activities occurring within the owner's property boundary. By boundary, we mean the immediate area outside the owner's property.





If you are planning to install a surveillance camera outside your home, make sure you make a police report first. Your base should be strong. You can’t just go about saying you need to put up a CCTV camera system in Singapore because you want to keep a close eye on your home. That won’t work until you provide evidence that yes, your area is prone to criminal activities, and you need to guard your home against the outside. And yes, stay updated with the rules in Singapore, as they keep changing.



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