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Should You Choose a Covert CCTV?


If you are a security-conscious person, you have probably thought about getting a CCTV home camera system. It can be a great way to keep an eye on your property while you are away. But, as with most things, there are many kinds of camera systems to pick from and that can be daunting to a newbie. One of the options you will have to make is whether to go for a covert or overt CCTV system.

What is a covert CCTV system?


Depending on whether they are hidden or conspicuous, CCTVs can be divided into two: Overt and Covert systems. Simply put, a covert CCTV is designed to be hidden. It is meant to capture video of its subjects without their knowledge. On the other hand, overt CCTV systems are meant to be obvious. There are advantages and disadvantages for each of these, and what you choose depends on your needs.



Would you like your camera to serve as a deterrent?


If you would like to install a CCTV camera system, for the purpose of deterring potential unwanted actions around your property, then a covert CCTV system is the wrong option. A visible camera in this case would be the best since most potential perpetrators will be discouraged to do anything illegal if they know they are being recorded.


But there are cases when a hidden camera system would be the perfect option. Here are a few examples.


To gather evidence: If you suspect there are thefts going on and would like to make sure, a covert system would be ideal. That way, your target will carry on with their deeds not knowing that you have an extra set of eyes watching them.


For your babysitter: No parent is ever eager to leave their child with a nanny they barely know. A covert CCTV in this case would be the perfect way to go. It will let you have an insight into the interactions of your nanny with the child. These cameras are often disguised as clocks and other unrelated objects.


To catch vandals: Is your property getting vandalised and you can’t figure out who is responsible? A covert system might help clear things out. Getting a conspicuous camera might simply deter them from harming your property and you will never be able to catch them. But, without their knowledge, a covert CCTV camera system will capture their actions and help in identifying them.



Camera Vandalism


While overt CCTV can be great deterrent, the fact is that some people are willing to temper with them to prevent getting video footage of their actions captured. And this is another case where you might want a covert system. Since they cannot be see, no one can temper with them or damage them. That way, you are assured of uninterrupted service of your property.


 Covert CCTV camera systems can come in different varieties just like any other security camera. You can even get a covert IP home CCTV system that will enable you to keep an eye from your property wherever you are, and without the knowledge of those around it.



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