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How To Protect Your Store from Robberies?

What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?

Retail thefts are common across the world. This increases the need for proper retail security. We can’t predict when shoplifting will occur, and it is an expensive problem when it happens. The only way to definitely prevent theft at a shop is to hire professional retail security or install CCTV cameras at different points.

Keep reading for the top seven most used ideas you can follow to protect your retail store.


1.    There should be at least 2 Shop In charges

A single person responsible for opening and closing the shop is an easy target for robbers. Therefore, it is crucial that when you roster employees to open or close the shop, there are at least 2 of them.


2.    Make Sure You Have A Silent Alarm as Well

One of the most obvious tools against theft at night is an alarm system. But have you ever thought what you would or can do during a live robbery? How can you save the lives of your employees at that time? The answer to that is simple! A silent alarm system. However, when installing one, make sure that you familiarise one or two of your employees with the system.


3.    Install a Surveillance Camera at the Front Counter

Placing a security camera facing the front counter helps to identify perpetrators easily. Plus, the presence of a front camera will surely discourage a potential criminal to engage in such activities.


4.    Hide the Cash Registers

One thing that encourages a criminal to engage in a robbery is keeping a cash register just in front of the front windows. Therefore, always look for a safe place to keep your cash register. While the cash register will always be at the cash counter, it should not be in the direct view of the windows.


5.    Hire Security Personnel for Your Retail Shop

You might have noticed that many retail shops have security personnel guarding their shops and business. Some of them are armed and some unarmed. If you were to ask me, I would always prefer experienced security personnel, as they will know how to deter the potential criminal.


6.    Teach Your Employees to be Alert

Make sure you train each of your employees to be alert at all times. Let’s say you have a customer who is browsing and browsing the aisles without actually buying anything. If they find someone who seems suspicious, they should silently spread the word to the other workers as well. They should also be trained to make their safety a priority.


7.    Install CCTV Cameras

Finally, even though you have security personnel guarding your shop, you should always contact companies who provide cctv camera system in Singapore.  By doing extensive research on Singapore’s CCTV suppliers, you can decide on the best CCTV system for your business.



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What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?
What Resolution Should You Choose For Your CCTV System?