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How to maintain Your CCTV Camera System

Chances are that the CCTV camera price in Singapore of your CCTV system was not low. You probably felt the pinch when you forked out the cash to acquire it. You therefore want to get the most out of your investment and make sure it lasts as long as possible, while giving you the best results it can. This calls for proper maintenance, and so following are 7 tips for keeping your CCTV system in tip-top working order.

1. Keep the camera lens clean


This is a no brainer. If you really want clear images, you will need to make sure the lens is clean, clear, and able to produce a crisp image. This calls for routine cleaning to make sure no dust settles on the lens. It would be unfortunate to find that the lens was dusty and did not capture the details of a criminal incident.



2. Keep the landscaping trimmed


This is for outdoor CCTV camera systems in Singapore. Overgrown vegetation might obstruct the camera’s view and this beats the whole purpose of having an outdoor CCTV camera. You also have to watch out for climbing plants if you have any. Swaying vegetation can also be problematic. If you have any trees that are normally out of the camera’s view but that partially get in the way when they sway under the wind, trim it or at least move the camera.



3. Make sure the housing is intact


Make sure the camera’s housing is waterproof if your camera is outdoors. Over time, it may develop cracks due to repeated exposure to the elements. A good housing won't give you any problem but this is not unheard of if the manufacturer didn't do a good job.



4. Make sure the connections are free of corrosion


One way your CCTV camera system Singapore might malfunction is if the connections get corroded and lose contact with each other. This can be a problem if you have humid weather. Check the connections from time to time to make sure they are working effectively. There are different grades of connections and some will be less prone to this problem. Make sure you get the very best security camera connectors for your CCTV camera system Singapore.



5. Keep your hard drive with enough space


Most DVRs are designed to overwrite old footage once they get full. This means that you will lose any past video footage your CCTV camera system captured earlier. Of course, you will get a warning and you must pay attention to it. You will need to check your space from time to time to there is enough to keep recording.



6. Make sure the system is actually recording


Sometimes, the DVR malfunctions and while you can clearly see the CCTV video on the monitor, it is possible for the unit not to be recording. Always check to make sure your system is actually recording live footage.



7. Make sure the date and time are accurate


The date and time on your system is very important. Your footage might lose legal value if the date and time are found to be incorrect. Keep the date and time up to date. If you live in a place where you have daylight saving adjustments, make sure your tweak the time accordingly.



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