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How CCTV Systems Can Be a Good Counterterrorism Measure

Unfortunately, acts of terrorism are prevalent. Extremist groups looking to sow discord or trigger radical reactions resort to such means to terrorise the global population. It is near impossible to prevent such acts from taking place.


For this very reason, more and more establishments these days than ever believe in the need to deter crime. From offices, to retail stores, to warehouses, and even residential houses, nearly everybody who can comfortably afford the cctv camera system prices in singapore is getting them installed for some peace of mind.


But, having peace of mind in general is different from being a good counterterrorism measure, because the stakes are much higher when it comes to dealing with malicious terrorists who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.


To that effect, it's only fair to wonder if whether or not CCTV systems are an effective counterterrorism measure. To answer that, it's important to know the benefits of having them installed for society as a whole.


24/7 Security – CCTV systems are a natural deterrent against any crime. Even if they do not actively stop a bad thing from happening, they can at least curb the number of illegal activities by capturing evidence of it. Even if it still does end up happening, security cameras help increase the likelihood finding out whoever did the crime. A good example of this was how cameras aided the capture of the Boston Marathon bombers.


Near-Instant Response – Contrary to popular belief, CCTV systems are actually being actively monitored by people. This is especially true for public surveillance systems. There's actually a person behind that camera watching the monitors closely for any signs of illegal activity. Of course, there may be lapses, but in general, having someone watching the monitors closely helps discourage those who are planning on doing something illegal because the response from local enforcement agencies is almost instant.


Forecasting and Prevention – The proper use of video analysis technology can actually help governing bodies raise alarms for any possible crimes or accidents well before they happen. Additionally, managing the content properly can help in the tagging, archiving, and retrieval of any necessary data for post-event investigation, which can help in the prevention of similar situations in the future.


Of course, security cameras are not perfect. Even if the local government invests a lot in getting a high quality cctv camera system installed, it's not always possible to prevent or stop terrorists from wreaking havoc. In fact, they can sometimes encourage it. After all, the goal of terrorists is to incite fear and chaos.


But, most people are looking at CCTV cameras from the wrong perspective. Even for commercial establishments having a CCTV package installed is not a replacement for good old-fashioned hard work. Remember, the cameras are only there to provide footage. The captured footage can help during the investigation process as a supplement to eye-witness accounts. However, it's best to remember that they should not serve as a replacement.



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