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History of CCTV Systems

Fun fact: Ocean, New York was the first city in the United States to use CCTV cameras in an effort to curb crime. This was way back in September of 1968. Ironically, it didn't seem to work and the crime rates were not affected.


But while that was the first recorded use in the United States in the now-conventional use of CCTV, the first CCTV camera was introduced decades earlier. In 1941, with WWII in full force, Siemens AG in Germany developed the first CCTV to observe rocket launches in the water.


Years later in 1949, a US company introduced the very first commercial CCTV television system. However, the technology was not as successful. This was mainly because the video could not be recorded. This meant that the technology could only be used in live monitoring systems, which isn't nearly as effective as having recordings.


For years, the CCTV industry would not see much success outside of the biggest of companies who had the finances to take the risk and spend on a largely unproven piece of security technology. However, by 2001, and partly as a result of the 9/11 attack, CCTVs became a key tool for fighting terrorism and more and more countries started to adopt the use of surveillance cameras.


Now, you'll pretty much look for CCTV package in Singapore services everywhere you look, and for good reason, the demand is high.


No longer just a useful tool for commercial establishments, residential houses have come to rely on CCTV systems to protect their properties and themselves. Families these days feel safer than ever before knowing that their house is protected 24/7 by a reliable CCTV system that can record anything suspicious that's happening in and around their property.



The Evolution of CCTV Technology


With the growing rise of popularity of CCTV technology also came the technological advancements. Other than the price going down, CCTV systems are now much easier to run.

For example, you can install a camera in one place on your own and have the images streamed across the internet so you can via it from anywhere around the world. Although this isn't exactly the safest method – hackers are known to hack into unprotected CCTV systems – it's worth knowing that it is possible. Also, for a more rounded security option, availing of a high-quality, secure CCTV camera system in Singapore has now been made more affordable.



Protect Yourself Today


You can't put any price on the peace of mind and safety afforded to you by installing a CCTV system to protect your establishment.


Whether it's your house and your family, or your business, having a CCTV system installed is sometimes enough to deter any would-be trespassers from even attempting to do anything malicious to you, your family, or your property.

With the wide plethora of options available today, you're sure to find the right package in terms of budget and security.

Remember, you'll never know what might happen today or tomorrow, and that it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially as far as safety is concerned.


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