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Common Myths about Installing CCTV Systems in Singapore

With CCTV camera systems becoming more and more of a necessity as security becomes a serious concern in all parts of the globe, the myths and assumptions surrounding the installation of these security devices have skyrocketed as well. The homes, offices, and commercial establishments of Singapore are no exception.

Below are a couple of the most common myths about CCTVs in Singapore and the truth behind them.



1. Anyone Can Install a CCTV


Technically, this is true. Literally, anyone can install CCTV. You can do it yourself if you want. So long as you do your research and buy the necessary equipment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do so. But, of course, since you already invested in the best home security camera in Singapore, you might as well spend money on hiring professionals who have a lot more experience than you do when it comes to installing CCTV.



2. DVR is the Best for CCTV Cameras


This is not exactly true. Modern advancements have made it possible for today’s digital CCTV cameras to be effective without using DVRs. These days, you no longer have to spend as much money on tapes. In fact, the videos can be easily transferred online or stored via the cloud, making them more accessible and secure in case something happens to the physical copy.



3. CCTVs Are a Waste of Time and Money


They definitely are not. The best home security camera system in Singapore can be the difference between your house being a prime target for theft or burglary and not. In Singapore, for example, CCTV cameras have had a marked effect on the reduction of crime throughout the country.



4. CCTVs Are Expensive


This used to be the case. However, that’s not true these days. There are plenty of CCTV camera security systems that are affordable. Besides, think about how much it will cost you if your house is broken into and stuff are stolen from it. Even if it deters criminals just once, a CCTV camera system has already more than paid for itself.



5. CCTVs Are Only for Security Purposes


This is partly true. The main reason why CCTV camera systems are installed is to heighten up the security of a particular house or area. But, these days, many commercial spaces, like stores, and offices, are using CCTV for a different purpose – to monitor.

In the office, for example, the employees have been proven to be more productive because they know they are being monitored all of the time. The same can be said for businesses. Although, another potential benefit for businesses is that the footage makes it easier to monitor when are the busiest and most profitable times, allowing them to adjust their staff numbers accordingly to meet customer demands.


Homes, offices, and commercial establishments alike are benefiting a lot from CCTV. So long as it’s well-planned and properly installed, CCTV cameras can make life a lot easier for everyone. Employers no longer have to invest a lot of effort to monitor their employees, while parents can easily monitor what’s happening in their house all day long, especially if they’re out on an errand and they left their kids at home unsupervised.


Of course, while CCTV camera systems are definitely beneficial, it’s important to do your homework first and understand if the value that CCTV bring into your life is worth the investment.




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