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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home CCTV Camera System

CCTV camera systems Singapore aren't something most people are familiar with unless one is just in the industry itself. Most people do not know where to start when it comes to getting a security camera system for their homes. It can be a daunting undertaking. But, here are seven questions that will increase the likelihood of you buying the very best CCTV camera for home Singapore.

1.   What area do I need to cover?


This is a very important question as it directly ties into how effective your whole system will be. If the area is too large, you risk missing some parts of your premises with an insufficient system. You have two options. You can buy very powerful camera systems, or you can buy multiple units that you can spread all over your premises.


The size of your premises will also determine how much cabling you will need, or how strong the wireless signal has to be in case you are going with IP cameras. Is it strong enough to bridge the distance between the camera and the DVR?



2.   Is the camera likely to be vandalised?


Some intruders will first temper with even the best CCTV systems for sale in Singapore before going about their crime. But, if your camera is likely to be vandalised, you have the option to go for a tamper-proof camera. These are built with hard casings and strong mountings. This means the camera cannot be dismounted or turned away easily.



3.   Would it be better if the targets don’t see it?


This question will determine whether you should get a covert or non-covert camera. If it is for the better that the targets do not see the camera, you should go for a covert system. There is less vandalism when the targets cannot see the camera. If you would like to deter people from committing crimes on your premises, however, a visible CCTV camera for homes in Singapore can deter them.



4.   How frequently will I be emptying the footage?


If you won't be emptying the hard drive frequently, you might want to get a system with a large hard drive. Most surveillance systems will start to write over old footage once space runs out. Make sure you empty the hard drive to ensure that all footage is intact.



5.   Is it important that capture the facial features of the targets


This is where the resolution of your camera comes in. If all you want is just basic surveillance with no emphasis on details, then you can get a cheap low resolution camera. But if you care about every little detail, then go for a high resolution unit that will capture even the tiniest facial detail. The high resolution option will be more costly but it will do a far more effective job.



6.   How frequent are power outages on my premises


If you have power outages, it is a good idea to have some kind of power backup system for your CCTV camera system in Singapore. Intruders might choose to time their intrusion to take advantage of a power outage, causing you to not have any evidence of the crime. This also means you have to get night vision functionality in case the power outage strikes at night and you have no light sources to monitor the place with.



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