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5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera

5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera

Security cameras have made its way into offices way back, but now, many are opting to install CCTV systems at homes too. To keep your house protected when you are not at home, you can install CCTV cameras for home in Singapore.  However, go through the following important facts before you install surveillance cameras at home.



Even the best home security camera system in Singapore will be useless if installed in the wrong location. You have to prioritise the areas that you want to keep under surveillance and place the cameras accordingly. The most important locations that you should never miss if you are installing CCTV systems are:


●   The porch or front door:

The front door is the weakest place of your home. If you think robbers won’t break into your house through the front door, you are wrong. 34% of the burglars are reported to be entering through the doorway. You must make sure to place the camera high enough so that intruders cannot meddle with your camera.


●   The backyard:

The back door of your house is as important as the front door because 22% of recorded robbers enter the house from the back. Again, you must install the camera out of reach of any intruder.


●   The staircase:

You might have a staircase that connects the basement and the interior of your house directly from the porch or the posterior. If so, you must ensure watertight security by installing best home security camera systems in Singapore.



Number of cameras:


The next important thing is to determine how many surveillance cameras you need to install to keep your house safe. There’re multi-channel as well as single-channel systems available. If you want to monitor a number of areas, you should opt for multi-channel systems and for single areas, single-channel systems will serve the purpose.




No matter where you are installing the CCTV cameras, you must select the cameras depending on the area that they cover. If you want to use a peephole camera for your front door, you will need a narrow lens. Although the narrow lens covers smaller areas, the image within that area will appear larger making it easier for you to decipher what you see. On the other hand, a wide angle lens will cover a larger area but will provide pictures that are smaller in size.


Features to keep in mind:


It’s important to understand what features you need in your home security camera system. Some may want a camera that has cloud storage features while others will prefer those that can pan around and zoom in when necessary.




Despite the fact that you’re installing the surveillance camera within your premises, it may cover some of your neighbor’s home as well. Hence, you must inform your neighbors and ask for their permission so that they don’t feel uncomfortable because they’re also under the overview of the best home security cameras.


When looking for a security camera you must make sure that you go through these points. Instead of installing the cameras all by yourself, ask for professional help from where you are purchasing the products.


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5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera
5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera
5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera
5 Important Facts about Installing a Home Security Camera